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  1. Dear Maurizio,

    First, I hope you are doing well.
    My name is Arben and I work in Sport University of Tirana.
    I did same calculation in relation to the Cooper and Gacon test.
    It turned out that Cooper test has the high speed during all the test, it depends what total meters the athlete will cover in 12′.
    For example 3200m in 12 min, the average speed is 4.44 m/s

    But Gacon test, first it takes 25 minutes, in case the athlete cover 5000 m in total Distance,
    half of the running is below of the 4.44 m/s, let say 2000 meters, starting from speed 2.78m/s.

    I will be very grateful in case you can give an answer to the question as follow:

    What is the Standard Error Estimation (SEE) of Gacon Test.
    What is the difference between them to evaluate VO2 max.
    Is better Copper or Gacon Test and Why.

    All the best to you



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